ABOUT - Bryce Harvey


Bryce Harvey is a Denver based food and hospitality photographer. Bryce’s foray into the photography world came to fruition after twelve years in the film and television production industry in his home state of California. Since he was a child, Bryce has always had an interest in the culinary arts (he still likes to play ‘chef’ at home). Food and hospitality photography is the result of his past vocational skills behind the camera and personal passions for food.

A typical session with Bryce will include a collection of dishes, atmospheric and chef/staff photography. Files will be posted to a digital gallery and include just about everything a restaurant needs to kickstart or revamp their marketing efforts. Bryce is eager to work on new and exciting projects as he serves clients locally and nationwide.

(he's always loved his food)

For more information on Bryce's film and television work, please visit oldnumbernine.com

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